Italy: Milan and lake Como

Yet another travel post: April has been eventful. This time, I went to Italy to soak up the sun for vitamin D. We had no plans but that didn’t hinder us from having fun. The first destination was Milan, the glamorous city of fashion. From Milan, we went to Lake Como to breathe in some fresh air. Here are the highlights of the trip. … More Italy: Milan and lake Como


Porto in one day

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Portugal so I was very excited to have the opportunity to go to Porto this April. Even though my trip lasted three days, I had only one full day to visit the city ( because of the long layovers). Nonetheless, we tried to make the most out of our trip and hurried through the streets to see as much as possible. … More Porto in one day

Baden-Baden, a lovely spa town in Germany

While traveling to Porto, I made a transit in Baden-Baden, a small town on the border between France and Germany. This gem has welcomed high-profile celebrities throughout history: from Napoleon III and Victor Hugo to Barack Obama and Victoria Beckham. I was very curious to find out what attracted them to the town hidden in a valley : when I arrived there, Baden-Baden promptly stole my heart. … More Baden-Baden, a lovely spa town in Germany

Scotland : Isle of Arran

I’ve never heard of Isle of Arran until my cousin mentioned it. And soon enough, two days later we were on the ferry heading to this isle. We weren’t blessed with good weather but maybe it was for the better. As the fog lifted, the mysterious island slowly revealed itself to us : it felt like we were on the way to discover King Kong.  … More Scotland : Isle of Arran